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Human Resource Innovations and Solutions, Inc. (HURIS) is a Human Resource Consulting and Solutions Provider enabling business transformation through advanced HR methodologies. The company specializes in providing clients with comprehensive business solutions and services, focusing on human resource business processes, from conceptualization of organizations to post-employment management.


We deliver value-driven HR-based solutions that contribute to organizational growth and efficiency. We provide the best of breed in HR Solutions.



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Performance and Results Management (CESB Accredited Program)
July 25-26, 2019

Understand the discipline of having a systematic Performance Management System by learning how to plan, manage and monitor people performance, and provide timely, precise & accurate feedback to individuals and groups to improve individual, unit & organizational performance. Managing people’s performance is the key objective of establishing systematic performance management system in the workplace.  Performance […]

Building Powerful Teams (CESB Accredited Program)
August 8-9, 2019

Building powerful a powerful team is an essential tool of any successful and good company. When building a powerful team is done right, it is fun and it can help build camaraderie which is essential for a company’s success. Develop your team’s ability to better define objectives and goals, solve problems, resolve conflicts and trust […]

Transformational Leadership (CESB Accredited Program)
August 15-16, 2019

Transformational Leadership is to positively influence the organization. With the combination of right approach and talented employees, the potential of being a great organization is limitless. Positive transformation in an organization is always a good indicator of effective leadership. Learn and understand the basic concepts on being an effective leader. Understand how to help subordinates […]

Strategic and Critical Thinking (CESB Accredited Program)
August 29-30, 2019

Strategic and critical thinking is an essential factor for an organization to succeed. We make personal and professional decisions  everyday, not just hundreds but sometimes we make thousands and so on. In this program, learn to develop strategic and critical thinking that allows you to develop a plan of action designed in order to achieve […]

Problem Solving and Decision Making
August 28-29, 2019

Making effective and timely decisions can contribute to the proper execution of business strategy that ultimately leads to organizational effectiveness. To have this, managers and staff need to be equipped with the skills to decide quickly, implement these decisions and ensure that the implementation is flawless.     When done correctly, your organization and its […]

Driving Execution (CESB Accredited Program)
September 5-6, 2019

Driving Execution is very essential in the organization, implementing plans is very difficult as some are resistant to change.  In this program learn the art of implementing plans despite the numerous challenges that may arise and be skilled in understanding and coping with the dynamics of change to help you achieve organizational success.   Date: September […]

Coaching: Raising Performance to the Next Level (CESB Accredited Program)
September 12-13, 2019

Coaching is a training and development of a learner. Coaching is very important as it help to bridge the gap between education and work experience.  It is a way to develop the employees which can be vital in achieving goals. In this program, understand and apply the different styles of coaching. Boost your employees performance […]

Building a Culture of Innovation in the Workplace
September 16-17, 2019

Organizations (profit or non-profit) are facing change like never before. Driving forces to this change include a rapidly expanding marketplace (globalization), and increasing competition, diversity among consumers, availability of and accessibility to new forms of technology and even a changing workplace culture. Creativity and innovation are keys to the success of a business. Leaders need […]


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Oscar L. Contreras, Jr.

• Former Managing Director of Ayala Corporation seconded as Senior Vice President of HR and Corporate Services in GLOBE and BPI.
• Former Head of HR of Nestle Philippines.
• Extensive experience in all areas of HR in the industries of food, banking and telecommunications.
• 2004 PMAP President
• Past Chairman, Accreditation Council of PMAP Society of Fellows in Personnel Management.
• Former Accredited International Advisor and Assessor, Investors in People (IiP)

Ramon S. Medina

• Former Senior Vice President for Group HR in RFM Group of Companies.
• Extensive experience in all areas of HR in the food and beverage industry.
• 2003 PMAP President
• 2008 President, PMAP Philippine Society of Fellows in Personnel Management.
• Former Accredited International Advisor and Assessor, Investors in People (IiP)

Jimmy M. Isidro

• An entrepreneur with extensive experience as a service provider.
• 2010 PMAP President
• 2005 PMAP Treasurer
• 2008 Vice President, PMAP Philippines Society of Fellows Personnel Management.
• Experienced Advisory to LGU’s on local government matters.

Enrique V. Abadesco, Jr.
Director & Chief Learning Officer

• Former Vice President for Corporate Human Resources, San Miguel Corporation.
• Former Regional OD and Training Manager, Exxon Chemical Company, Asia Pacific
• With extensive knowledge and experience in leadership and organizational development.
• 2008 PMAP President
• International Member, Organization Development Network, U.S.A