Building Organizational Competency Series 4/6 Application Workshop 2: Competency-Based Performance Management Process and Succession Planning

HR processes must be grounded by relevant knowledge, skills, and attributes to ensure effective and valuable roll-out. Atty. Hector Hernandez, had been in the fore-front in helping organizations develop competency-based models.

A seasoned HR and OD practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Atty. Hector carries with him specific skills in the areas of Competency-based HR processes, HR Business Partnering and Networking, Change Management, Organization Development, Human Resource Management and Diversity and Inclusion.

For more than 10 years, he led the HR function of 4 of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines in Organizational Development roles. In addition, he has international experience and partnerships in the practice of HR and OD across the globe through non-profit groups. In his assignments, his key deliverables were to attract and retain top-rated scientific and managerial multi-cultural talents, manage the ongoing cultural change, maintain high staff morale and increase productivity in the challenging multicultural workplace environment.

With our  SME, you will learn how to better develop your employees and ensure your organization's stability and future! See you on September 6, 2021!