How to be a Successful Leader in Times of Crisis and Rapid Change

Course Description:

Leaders have always been at the forefront of change in all types of business environment. Changes occur whether the organization is a start-up, growing and is expanding operations or retrogressing or at worst folding up. Leaders have been used to these types of change situations. However, what has happened over the past months with Covid-19 pandemic has never been experienced in the past several decades.

Leaders of nations all over the world have not been spared. Almost all, if not all nations have been caught flat-footed. They did not know what struck them. Not knowing how to respond to never-ending changes in crisis situations. Even the most advanced nations like the USA or even European nations are still experiencing difficulties coping with the pandemic.

The leader or leaders when faced with this crisis are still expected to be successful if the company or organization will survive. There is no excuse for the leader not to be successful.

The leader will need to have a wider lens to cope with the External environment with an unknown magnitude, and the limitation of knowledge, resources and tools in the internal environment. It is not sufficient to address the need for short-term survival, the leader will have look into the future too for sustainability of the operations.

This program will allow participants to gain perspectives and potential strategies on leading teams in the digitally remote world of the new normal.



1. Provide a snapshot of the impact of digitization in the new normal.

2. Impart adjustment strategies on leading teams while using a remote set-up


Course Outline:

  • Rapid Change: Digital Globalization
  • The World We Live in
  • 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work
  • Successful Business Models in Recent History
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Key Attributes of Disruption Readiness