HR Management Series

HR MANAGEMENT SERIES These short sessions may serve as refresher courses for HR leaders and specialists as well as managers and supervisors who will benefit on understanding the HR functions and processes affecting their operations. All these sessions will have pre-work assignment so that the session may be made more relevant to the participants.

Session 1: Manpower Planning and Recruitment The organization should always be prepared to have the necessary talents to man all positions for smooth operations. Staffing or employee acquisition is an important step in ensuring that the organization have the kind of employees they need. 


  •  Situate manpower planning and recruitment in the overall Strategic Staffing function
  •  Understand the importance of manpower plans and the key consideration in preparing these plans
  • Conduct fair competency-based interviews 


Session 2: Performance Management: Making Proper Appraisals Making performance appraisals is one of the more difficult tasks of managers especially if the managers look at it as a one-time event. Making appropriate performance appraisal require a thorough understanding of the subordinates’ jobs and a recording of their actual performance.


  • Gain insights in managing people performance effectively
  • Learn how to fairly and properly appraise employee performance

Session 3: Learning and Development The fast pace of technology and the need to be continuously competitive drive organizations to keep their employees committed and competent in their fields of specialization. Therefore, organizations need to ensure that their learning and development efforts address the needs of both the organization and the individual employees.


  •  Revisit the learning process
  • Review how to conduct a training needs analysis
  • Learn how to identify learning methods and activities for a specific learning module
  •  Learn how to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of training programs

Session 4: Compensation Administration Compensation may not be considered a key motivator. But, a well administered compensation system can help the organization keep competent and committed employees. 


  •  Review the various aspects of a compensation system
  • Review the basis for a rational salary program
  •  Understand how a salary scale is designed and implemented

Session 5: Succession Planning and Promotion An organization needs leaders to ensure its growth and sustainability over time. This implies that the organization has a ready bench of leaders who can take over in case of need at any level. This goal is achieved through a purposive Succession Planning Program. 


  • Understand the concept and importance of Succession Planning 
  • Learn how to prepare a succession plan


Package rate (5 sessions) : Php14, 500 (Vat Inc.) per session rate: Php3,080 (Vat Inc.)