Identifying Employees' Cry for Help: Recognizing Stress & Distress and What to Do About It

Organizations grapple with the operational part of getting business back on track amidst Covid, and included in this "back-to-business" mindset must be the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce. The impact of the pandemic coupled with everyday stressors can easily affect anyone in every aspect of one's life: mentally, emotionally, behaviorally and physically.


This session aims to:

1. Define stress and distress: what it is and what it is NOT.

2. Identify common mental health concerns in the workplace

3. Understand the impact of stress and distress to our mental health

4. Learn ways to handle and/or manage stress and distress

5. Practice self-care management tools

6. Create a plan for a mental health program


Course Outline:

I. Definition: Stress and Well- Being, Stress, Eustress and Distress

II. Signs of Stress and Distress

III. Impact of Stress and Distress

IV.Mental Health Act and Common Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

V. Tips to Manage and Handle Stress and Distress

VI. Commitment (Individual and Team Pledge)