(VAT Inclusive)

September 12-13, 2024


VAT Inclusive

September 12-13, 2024

Course Description

Positive transformation in an organization is always a good indicator of effective leadership. Learn and understand the basic concepts of being an effective leader. Understand how to help subordinates map out attainable personal and professional goals, as well as plan workable and implementable strategies to achieve them.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program participants will be able to:

  1. Participate in constructive dialogues during the entire experience
  2. Help subordinates/learners/mentees map out attainable personal and professional goals
  3. Help subordinates/learners/mentees plan workable strategies
  4. Implement positive and workable action plans to achieve stated objectives

Target Audience

Supervisors, Managers and Executives

This training program is not covered by DBM circular 563, item 2.2 for government agencies.

Why Choose HURIS?


HURIS, Inc. enables the business transformation of its clients through advanced methodologies.


HURIS, Inc. provides expert, comprehensive, and value-driven business solutions and services, focusing on human resource business processes, ranging from the set-up of organizations to post-employment management.


HURIS, Inc. designs and conducts learning and development programs that address the needs of corporate leaders and future leaders of those clients so that they reach their organizational goals and optimum efficiency.