Leaders are used to making decisions to solve existing problems and anticipate the negative impact of these decisions to solve potential problems. This was a model used in the past to make rational decisions.

Nowadays, this is no longer sufficient. 

  Today, we need to be prepared to solve problems even before they hit us.  We need to critically think about our internal and external environments, go beyond what we can see, and anticipate how events can disrupt our lives without knowing when they will happen, where they will happen, and to what extent they will impact our professional and family lives.   


Covid-19 is an example that disrupted everyone globally.  We were not prepared for its impact and it caught us flat-footed.  As a result, millions died and many companies closed their operations without having the chance, or the tools, and means to survive. 



Looking into the future will require leaders to look at other areas in navigating a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. Deciding on the existing problem is now a thing of the past. We need to anticipate potential future problems. 



We will talk not only about financial, technological, and political disruptions but also about health, safety, the lack of natural resources, and a highly competitive environment where nations will look at their own needs and priorities to keep their economies afloat or growing. Companies will do the same for their good and survival. 

  As a result, we need a wider lens that will go beyond decision-making, each of us whether as individuals, companies, or nations will have to be very resilient and move fast to survive  



This means, that leadership roles are no longer just about Managing Risk but about being Resilient so that we can ride out crises, minimize and fix the damage, and recover from various anticipated and unforeseen disruptions never seen before in our family and professional lives.

Be future-ready. Be Resilient!!




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