The Organizational Coach and Mentor (CIPD Program)

Coaching and mentoring have been cited as the most important management skill-sets for the next decade of the HR profession. The demands of evolving organizations call for HR professionals who have the credibility and respect of their leaders to help steer their organizations through transformation.


Course Objectives:

  • Help you have the tools to confidently apply coaching and mentoring methodologies.

Who is it for:

  • HR and L&D professional with responsibility for developing organizational coach-mentoring programs and
    strategies to build a successful and sustainable coaching culture within organization.

Course Benefits:

  • Develop confidence to act consistently as an effective coach-mentor;
  • Build strategies for the development and improvement of coaching and mentoring,  both face-to-face and virtual environments;
  • Develop specialist skills and enchanced professional practice with team
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to support organizational change programs through coaching and mentoring;
  • Explain how to get maximum return on the investment in coaching programs.

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Program Schedule: 

December 7 & 9, 2020 (2 days)